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Information according to Regulation (EU) 2016/679

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What are cookies?
Cookies are small text files that websites send to devices accessing the Internet (usually the user’s browser).
Through cookies websites can recognize the preferences expressed by users during a previous browsing session and enable easier access, e.g. by having stored the navigation language of choice or the account details of a secure area of the website.

Based on their purpose, cookies are classified as follows:
– technical cookies: session cookies, functionality cookies or login cookies, connected to those there may be analytical cookies to gather information in an anonymous and aggregated manner;
– profiling cookies: they are used to send ad messages on the basis of the preferences expressed by users in their browsing or on the web pages or sections of a websites that have been visited;
– third party cookies: these cookies are installed by third party web sites through the first party web sites (such as Google, Facebook, Twitter).

Session cookies are erased as soon as the browser is closed, whereas persistent cookies are stored in the browser cache for some time (from a few minutes to several years). Permanent cookies are stored on a users’ device in between browser sessions which allows the preferences or actions of the user across a site (or in some cases across different websites) to be remembered. The law requires that profiling and third party cookies must have obtained the user’s consent before they can be installed.

How do we use cookies?
As regards our website, consent is provided by users if they continue browsing by performing any action on the website such as: clicking on a link, logging into another area of the website in any way, selecting an element of the website, scrolling with the mouse.

Our website uses the following cookies.
The website uses technical cookies, including:
– session: it is a session cookie used to track user preferences. It is deleted when the browser page is closed.
– PHPSESSID: it is a session cookie used to track user preferences. It is deleted when the browser page is closed.
The website uses Third party cookies, including:
– Google Analytics: Google Analytics cookies provide data-aggregated reports on website traffic statistics. This extends to, but not solely limited to, the number of page viewed, time spent on site, the channel that generated the traffic in the first place.List of main cookies:_ga, _gat. Users may: read the privacy policy of Google Inc. on how Google Analytics works, following the link read more about how Google Analytics works following the link refuse the use of Google Analytics cookies, as shown on the Google site by following the link to link, changing their browser settings and downloading the add-in for disabling the Google Analytics JavaScript from this link
– Google (google map /  youtube): Google provides services that allow operators to include editorial services such as interactive maps that are customizable inside their web pages or videos through youtube. This site may use Google Maps / Google Plus 1 / Youtube to provide information or to post videos, or to allow information sharing. List of main cookies: NID, PREF. Users can access Google’s combined privacy policy which includes information on the cookies that Google may have installed here:
– Youtube: This website uses Youtube to show viwers videos. The privacy policy is available at the link
List of main cookies: APISID, CONSENT, GEUP, HSID, LOGIN_INFO, PREF, SAPISID, SID, SSID, VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE, YSC, _ga, _gat, enabledapps.uploader

How can users change their cookie settings?
When accessing the website’s home page or any other web page therein, a banner appears. By continuing to browse the website, moving to other sections or selecting any element therein, the user automatically consent to the website’s use of cookies.
Users can disable cookies and always choose which cookies to give consent to by adjusting their browser settings; options are generally found in the Options/Privacy tables. Below the options given by most common browsers:
– Microsoft Internet Explorer: Go to Tools, select Internet Options and click on Privacy. For the complete guide see,
– Firefox: Mac users go to Preferences, select Privacy, access the “Show cookies” section; Windows users go to Tools, select Options, access Privacy and then set up a customized option to manage data history. For the complete guide see
– Safari: From the Preferences menu, select Privacy. For the complete guide see
– Google Chrome: in the Main menu select Tools, then Options (Preferences for Mac users), go to Advanced and then select Privacy – Content Setting. For the complete guide see

In addition to disabling and/or deleting cookies through your browser settings, you can also disable and/or delete individual analytical and profiling cookies by accessing the following websites:
– Google Analytics:,
– Facebook Cookie:,
– Vimeo:,, a website managed by the European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance (EDAA), for deletion of other cookies for users located in the European Union.