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Wardrobe with built-in TV

The magic of a reflecting glass that transforms into a TV screen. A metamorphosis that keeps the aesthetic equilibrium of the bedroom and offers the optimal solution also in small spaces. Available also with central TV element and flag mount mechanism, opening on the right or on the left. Behind the panel there is a large storage space equipped with a shaped shelf that allows you to store the most precious and personal items.

It is possible to completely hide the TV behind an upward flap door to cover the space. The door made of a strong and almost invisible aluminium frame is equipped with a special glass that allows you to control and watch TV without it being open.

With this built-in TV element solution, very little space is taken away from the full use of the wardrobe, maximizing the storage spaces of the wardrobe. Find out more on PLAN TV in NIGHT SPACE collection.

Beds with recessed storage

The bed with recessed storage allows you to use additional spaces while maintaining light and elegant lines. The storage is slightly set back from the perimeter of the bed to lighten the lines and give a feeling of lightness.

This bed proposal has been designed with a particular metal structure that is extremely functional and simple to use. The actual storage is suspended from the ground by four metal feet, allowing any underfloor heating to take advantage of the precious square meters occupied by the bed and the passage of programmed robots for cleaning the house.

It is important to note that this recessed storage solution can be extended to all wooden and/ or upholstered double beds of the NIGHT SPACE collection equipped with 200x160cm bed frames.

Airsan wardrobe with sanitizing system

Elegance and technology to sanitize the wardrobe effortlessly.
In the past months, we have raised awareness of the importance of sanitizing the home environment. Trabattoni expands the concept of wardrobe with the possibility of integrating Airsan System into the wardrobes. This technology sanitizes the wardrobe effortlessly and without aesthetic compromises.

Public spaces often do not have sufficient air exchange and bacteria, viruses, allergens, molds and fine particles can soak into our clothes. This can generate bad smells and poor hygienic safety situations, increasing the possibility of allergies and respiratory discomforts.

The wardrobe is no longer a simple storage space but also an effective tool for sanitizing clothes, footwear and household linens.

AIRSAN SYSTEM uses a device with a technology based on the principle of advanced oxidation for the decontamination of the air induced by Cold Plasma. This sanitizing system:
• can be installed on hinged, folding, sliding and coplanar wardrobes,
• allows you to sanitize from one to three columns of the wardrobe with a single sanitizing device,
• it is available as a device and does not have any aesthetic impact: it occupies a small space in the upper internal part of the column in which it is inserted.

TV Box

A high-tech touch for both KIDS & YOUNG SPACE and adults as part of NIGHT SPACE collection. With one simple click, out of the storage furniture slides your TV thanks to the radio-controlled system for opening the storage box and lift the screen.

The TV magically appears vertically exiting the TV BOX which normally hides it from view. The activation takes place with a simple click which activates, via a radio control, a sophisticated and silent telescopic hydraulic actuator, which with millimetre precision allows the rapid lifting of the screen and the consequent opening of the storage door. The system can also be integrated by an IR Audio-Video system to operate any equipment connected to the TV.

In the technological and Connected KIDS&YOUNG bedroom, the bed base can also be controlled from the mobile phone with a special app.