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A world of stars and dreams, where shelves and bookcases are like spacecraft flying from wall to wall. Even the desk seems to float in the air and studying is almost as fun as playing.

Feelings of freedom and independence. Growing up is also about having space to nurture your interests. Having the chance to stay on your own and have your own time.

A space for explorers who have travelled around the world and return to their refuge, ready to embark on their next adventure. All around, bookcases and desks have tales of great adventure to tell.

The morning is the start of a new, super-sweet day and night brings the thrill of drifting off inside a pink cloud. The bed is cocooned in a soft fabric shell where you feel safe.

Feeling alive and bursting with energy. Interacting with a dynamic space that makes the best use out of every corner. A sliding desk, storage boxes on wheels and an amazing handy light under the bed.

The feeling of independence in a space that reflects who you are and where you can relax. There’s everything you could possibly want or need, just like a mini house.

The style of a young man who knows what he wants. Straight to the point, simple, contemporary. Neutral shades. Geometric, clear-cut shapes. But also, the warm felt, creating areas of colour around the night area.

Nightfall marks the beginning of a wonderful new fairy tale. A magical castle enshrouded in transparent veil and a trunk for your most precious treasures.

More grown-up girls simply love modern-day canopy beds. Stylized and clean-cut, this bed lends character to the entire space.

Cement inserts and technology, in an ultra-modern space all managed through an app. With one simple touch the bed transforms into the most fantastic of workstations, to connect with the world and with your friends.

Space is cleverly increased, in an atmosphere of open feel. Nested between the wardrobes, the bed is a cosy hideout and can also be used as a sofa in the daytime.

Laughing and playing from dawn to dusk. Growing up together, always side by side and companions for life. The beauty of having a whole bed to yourself, like a grown-up, just the same as your little brother.

Even the smallest of spaces takes on a new sense of depth and atmosphere. One bed lies on top of the wardrobe, becoming a tree house. The other comes with two big drawers and can also be used as a comfy sofa.

Having fun completing a puzzle and finding the perfect piece. Creative solutions to get the best out of small rooms. Beds are stacked one on top of the other and can be moved to the middle of the room, easy to make.

Everything slides and glides. The wall is an abacus to play with as you wish. Position the two beds however you like, rotate the desk and wheel the drawer unit according to the time and needs of the day.

Life is a canvas to paint on as your imagination dictates. The wardrobe becomes a painting, with lots of colourful bubbles inlaid in the wood, with an infinite range of shades to choose from

Thinking of a new game every minute with your little sister or brother is easy. The room is a gym to experiment, learn, get moving, run and jump.

A wave of the magic wand and there’s room for everyone, even when very little space is available. Lacquered panels alternate with natural woods, adding liveliness and movement.

Inseparable. Brothers, friends and playmates to share the fun. The joy of sharing everything, together forever, in a child-friendly, colourful mini world.

Jack-in-the-box spaces where each unit is a surprise. The single bed appears and disappears, the desk closes and opens, the bunk beds fold away.


Innovative cosy spaces studied to ensure perfect order, while having everything within hand's reach. Wall-mounted open solution with storage area, large bookcase and TV stand.


Form and functional features converge in a solution that only displays the required areas.The creative charm of a wall unit that stretches horizontally with a large shelf and darkbrown 111 ash base, closed pore matt hemp 241 lacquered Libra shelves.


A harmonious space dedicated for family entertainment. TV panel with special palecement F102 finish. Bases with recessed skirting board (H.8.5 cm) for a suspended effect.


Italian tradition for designer atmospheres in the most scenic room of the house filled with objects and books. A warm formal environment with large wall-to-wall bookcase.

Pure Design

flush sliding door

For modern villas, the "Atlante" wardrobe's elegant look, with four extra light glass doors, profiles and exclusive recessed handles painted chalk white as the external frame sides.

Great passions

large sliding door

The search for beauty and its history are well represented in the "Combi" wardrobe, with three large sliding doors, wengè frame sides and panels and extra light glass central panel painted black.

On a glamourous note

sliding door

Musical harmony fill the life of a historical house and fit with the elegant geometries of wardrobes with easly matchable bands. "Meridiani Mix" wardrobe with four large laqued and mirror panels.

Fashionable Interiors

shutter door

The style of an ancient house for fashion stylists: nothing is left to chance, everything is perfect. "Paralleli Glass" wardrobe with five doors, extra light glass lacquered bands and aluminum profiles.

Collections for all sorts

customized wardrobe

"Stipo" wardrobes: a program designed to provide concrete solutions to all the needs and requests of taste, colour and design, always with an high quality and technological standard.

White Open Space

The suggestion of the great cities in furnitures designed for large and very personal apartments, ideal for young couples who love abosolute white. The atmosphere is modern, luminous, essential.

Natural Wardrobe

A modern architecture in the centre of a large park, the ideal home for couples who love golf and great natural outdoors. Here, warm and sophisticated furnishinsg that meet natural ideals.

Etno Chic

An old house on the lake, nest and refuge for collectors and romantic travellers, real citizens of the world. Here, the walk-in wardrobe "Atelier" and the "Stipo" wardrobe with coloured bands.

Fashion Colour

A modern, trendy, fresh and colourful house for a fashion designer. Here, a lively walk-in wardrobe with lots of personality, that divides the room with its aluminium upright with central shelves.

Ideal Shapes

Everything here is perfect, in order and in the right shape: here, a modern loft with a mini-gym and the "Atelier" walk-in wardrobe customed to fit the inclination of the ceiling.

Wood Beds

Elegant, essential, contemporary and versatile beds. Dedicated to those who want to give a personal and refined interpretation of the space devoted to rest.

Wood Beds Storage

Elegance of lines and simplicity of shapes combine with the comfort of use in a collection of wooden beds with an ample and easy storage space.

Upholstered Beds

Warmth in its essence: sinuous shapes meet soft coloured fabrics or on the shades of nature, enriched by precious stylistic details.

Upholstered Beds Storage

In this collection pure geometries are at the service of large storages: a wellness and good rest philosophy emphasized by chromatic balance and basic design.


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Trabattoni Industria Mobili

founded in 1917, has it's headquarters in Lissone (MB), in the heart of Brianza and has its roots in the immense patrimony of this important productive area. The company builds furniture with a constant eye back in tradition and experience, although using to its best every technological improvement made in these past decades. The result is a high quality product with a modern design, built to find reliable and durable solutions to its buyers. Simplicity, experience and know-how in choosing materials, relationships with the market and, not last, the capability of being always dynamic have given Trabattoni the possibility to become one of the sector's leading company.


Contract division is for Trabattoni a complementary activity to traditional production. Dedicated to the realization of national and international projects furnishing hotels, residences, libraries and much more. It is the result of years of experience gained by the company and of the support of external architects and technical experts, to ensure functionality but also personality and originality. Trabattoni Contract uses both mass produced designs and customizations to meet specific needs and dimensional requirements, offering quality of results and high technological and quality standards. For requests and information:

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